Quantity Discounts插件实现Zencart网站混合批发功能,根据数量打折

Quantity Discounts 可以根据顾客购买多少来打折,很不错。


Turn On Quantity Discount
1. In the Admin control panel, go to “Modules -> Order Total“.

2. Click on Quantity Discount and click Install.

3. In the below picture, note how we entered “3” for the “Discount Level 1” and “10” for the “Discount Amount 1“.

Quantity Discounts,zencart插件,zencart外贸网站模板

4. Click Update button.

5. Now when customers order 3 or more items, they see…

Quantity Discounts,zencart插件,外贸网站建设

To change or remove:
Simply go to “Modules -> Order Total“, click on Quantity Discount and click Edit or Remove

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